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In the last 5 years we provide many kind of bass clarinet related materials:


7500 composition for bass clarinet.
250 donations.


7 articles, 3 studies, 7 dissertations,
13 manuscripts, 3 reductions.


36 patents, 11 instruments, 13 makers.


12 history books, 24 methods,
3 magazines, 122 recordings.


Some examples of our work.


Bass clarinet catalog of works


The importance of the history

Studies, articles and dissertations

The works of main scholars


A catalog of recordings


Technical evolution


Acoustic and design evolution

About us

A little synthesis of our past.

  • 2010


    An important discussion between Stefano Cardo and Elisa Marchetti on history of the bass clarinet and the absence of an homogeneous and coherent list of the repertoire of the bass clarinet on early summer 2010 gave the initial impetus to the foundation of the International Bass Clarinet Research Center - C.I.R.C.B.

  • 2010-2011

    Repertoire and History

    An independent web-based project entitled International Bass Clarinet Research Center, the purpose of which was to publish a list of all compositions where the bass clarinet is involved, to publish documents on the history of this musical instrument in a scholarly, digital edition, was launched in 2010.

    2010–2011 marked phase 1 of the project, and served as a pilot for an eventually larger, more comprehensive undertaking. For phase 1, 2500 composition were listed and 6 copies of full scores manuscripts of 1800's operas were added. Some prominent researchers began to permit to reproduce their works.

    The first, slight basis for recordings, videos, and books was created. An early section dedicated to transcription of old operas "a Solo" was defined.

  • 2011-2012

    New engine & social networks

    The site have been rebuilt on "Drupal" open source framework, opening an important way for future developments. The library of repertoire approached 4400 compositions, and the connection with the world of social networks like Facebook or Twitter was established. The social media Flikr improve the project on the side of the virtual tour on private collections. The new web environment was released in its first version in April 2012.

    For phase 2, C.I.R.C.B. entered into collaboration with new researchers. It is during this phase that important players begun to consider the project worthy of attention.

  • 2012-2015

    New projects

    According to our long-term plans, we started some projects:

    • Patents - a catalog of some of the most interesting patents related to the instrument
    • Instruments - a descriptive, chronological catalog of historical instrument with technical details and biographical informations on their makers.
    • Dissertation - acquisition of important dissertation from ex-student of some important univerity and, for most of them, free redistribution

  • 2014-2015


    To permit to C.I.R.C.B. To live more indipendently, to increase its sustainability and to find a real chance to become a Promoter of studies on the instrument in all its meanings and Publisher of research works and compositions for bass clarinet, we begun some side-projects. The unvaluable resources carried by Prof. Claudia Tacchino, professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management is giving a new power and vision to the entire project.

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Our Amazing Team

People who made a difference.

Stefano Cardo

Project Leader

Elisa Marchetti

Library Manager

Salvatore D'Alonzo

Web Development Manager

Salvatore Frammartino


Elena Marelli

Graphic Manager

Marco Ignoti

Contemporary Music Researcher

Alessandro Monitillo

Project Developer

Roberto Bocchio

Project Developer

Valentina Battiston

Project Developer

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